Thursday, August 5, 2010

NHL 2011 New Updates

Building up your own team and turning them into a bunch of superstars is what every Franchise Mode is about at its core. While traditionally the game mode presents you with a stable of established athletes, NHL 11 is putting a different slant on the popular feature by giving it the Ultimate Team treatment that both FIFA and Madden have enjoyed over the past few years (but this time it'll come with the retail release, not as downloadable content). For those that don't know, Ultimate Team lets players live out some of their childhood fantasies by collecting player trading cards and then using them in-game. NHL 11 is taking the idea a bit further by putting your Ultimate Team up against the throng of others that are out there in the new EA Ultimate Hockey League (EAUHL).

It's what EA Sports is touting as the largest dynasty mode to ever be featured in a sports game and, judging from the fact that it incorporates every other EAUHL team at least somewhat into your experience, I'm compelled to agree.

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